Things I Didn’t Know About Caffeine

Spring break is officially over and everyone on campus is scrabbling to catch up in time for round two of midterms. We’re also just a little (or a lot) sad spring break is over. With all that going on, this Wednesday posting is a special case. I will be going back to my Tuesday and Thursday posting tomorrow.

I’ve recently learned drinking too much caffeine can have some negative side effects and think it’s important for everyone and especially stressed out, sleep deprived college students to know about these side effects too.

Since I’ve started dieting and working out, I stopped drinking coffee or pop everyday. Monday, in order to finish my midterm project on time, I drank 3 cups of iced coffee back to back. I don’t think I drank as much coffee in the past three years as I did in the past three days. At the time it was great and I was super productive, but all 3 cups kicked in at the same time. Here’s what I learned:

  • Jittery-ness is real. In high school, I used to drink coffee everyday so eventually it stopped affecting me. After going almost two or three years with little to no coffee, my hands were shaking, my leg wouldn’t stop bouncing, and my mind felt like it was going at warp speed. Combined with sleep deprivation and stress, I’m not even sure the last few days really happened.
  • Caffeine is an appetite suppressant. Instead of eating lunch on Monday, I drank the 3 cups of coffee. At 3:30PM, I realized I hadn’t eaten since 7:30AM and was suddenly starving. The caffeine in the coffee tricked my brain into thinking I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat which is very unhealthy. So in the middle of my last class, my stomach was growling because I was hungry and the coffee gave me stomach cramps. Fun times…
  • It is possible to overdose on caffeine.¬†Drinking too much caffeine can cause death – called a caffeine overdose. Because caffeine is a stimulant, it speeds up heart rate. If a heart beats too fast, then a person has a heart attack (cardiac arrest) or heart palpitations (cardiac arrhythmia). Symptoms include nausea, anxiety, jitters, sweating, dizziness, vomiting, confusion, and the aforementioned heart conditions. Please watch your caffeine intake and stop if you start feeling ill.

I only drink caffeine (pop or coffee) if I’m having an extraordinarily bad day or if it’s an emergency (like getting my paper in on time). However, I know students who drink coffee throughout the day everyday of the week. While caffeine does have some health benefits, moderation is best and caffeine addiction is real.

I hoped you learned something from this or at least thought my story was funny. I think it is in retrospect so it’s okay to laugh. Feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll post soon!

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  • Very true. I know from experience. I used to drink like at least 2 pots a day but now have reduced that drastically, well during the week anyway. Great advice

  • LOVE THE DRAWING prob represents me also everyday caffeine withdraw is REAL so ease off Not giving it up though enjoy my Starbucks too much But I have tried to switch to water more often. Coffee will dehydrate you also

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