Sleeping Soundly

My bed is my happy place, but I’ve been struggling to get a good nights sleep this past week. It did not help that last week was round 2 of midterms. I’ve been sleeping eight hours, but I’m still tired when I wake up. So I’m sleeping but it’s not restful. If you’re like me and can’t get quality sleep, here’s some tips for getting a better night’s sleep:

  • Stop drinking water. It’ll limit the number of midnight bathroom trips you might have to take. Stop drinking water about two hours before bed.
  • No midnight snacking. Stop eating at least an hour before bed. I try to stop eating three to four hours before bed, but there’s no scientific reason behind that number. We also shouldn’t be going to be overstuffed or hungry. The discomfort will probably keep us up.
  • Set a sleep schedule. Setting a sleep schedule trains our bodies and brains that a certain time is bedtime and another time is wake up time. By “setting” our sleep clock, we’ll get deeper, better sleep when we’re supposed to. This also applies to the weekends. So no more sleeping in.
  • Short naps! As college student and professional napper, this is super important and difficult. Productive naps are only 15-20 minutes long. Personally, anything longer than 20 minutes and I won’t get up for three hours.
  • Unplug. Try to turn off all electronics about an hour before going to bed. The light decreases the amount of melatonin our bodies release. When released, melatonin makes us sleepy. When we look at phone screens, TVs, etc., we’re telling our brains that we want to be awake. So read a book, draw, or write. Something that doesn’t involve technology.
  • No pets. This breaks my heart as an animal-lover, but dogs and cats have different sleep rhythms than humans. My dog is up at least twice a night to pee, and cats are programmed by nature to be up in the middle of the night. Cats hunt at night which is why they need to be more active.

Hopefully, some of these work for me. I’ll let you know.

Lazy Life Hack

My feet are always cold. So lately, I’ve been pulling the end of my comforter over my feet and, essentially, using my comforter as a sleeping bag.

I start with my comforter down as in the left picture. While I’m in bed, I pull the end up. From the side, it looks like the middle picture, but from my point of view, it looks like the last picture (on the right).

I get all the comfort of lying on top of a foam topper and comforter, all the warmth of two layers, and I don’t have to make my bed in the morning. I’ve been doing this for days and I felt like a genius the first time I did it. I highly recommend this for anyone who always has cold feet.

If you try it out, leave a comment below. If anything I wrote helps you get better sleep, let me know!

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